Time flies so fast

Time flies so fast ! It’s really been a long time since my last blog post. I had (and still have) my own health issues, which have had some impact on my everyday life. As I have already told Ferfel, I will again devote more time to the website and the blog in particular. (author`s note)

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How is Felisa today?

How is Felisa now? Has she recovered a little? Or to put it another way: has she got used to the regular dyalisis in the meantime? What is her everyday life like?

And what can we do to help her?

Let’s find out!
First things first: Felisa finally got rid of this laborious and infection-prone access to the neck ¨ That really took a long time!

The photo of Felisa’s neck is already a few weeks old. The wounds can be seen to heal, although the scars are unlikely to go away entirely. Despite all that: finally no more tubes on the neck!

Slowely but surely

Slowly but surely, Felisa is getting used to the regular appointments in the hospital. Her blood flows through the dyalysis machine twice a week in order to filter out the waste. Doing the job of a healthy kidney. It`s the machine, that keeps her alive.  There is no way around it; unless there is a possibility of a kidney transplant at some point. God only knows…

Picture: Living partner Wilson is taking care of Felisa (April 2021)

Experience help and affection

Getting help from total strangers is a very strange but wonderful experience! Our deepest thanks go to all of the unknown people who supported us morally and financially.

YOU out there helped us, when we needed it most !

The donation of this brandnew wheelchair was a great cause and it helps all of us to do our jobs better. Finally, going to the hospital has become a lot easier. Thanks to your help!

Circumstances, struggles, hope, faith…

this is a message I received today from Ferfel (we communicate by FB Messenger). She told me days ago, that she was not able to buy the badly needed vitamines and food supplements for her mother. Once again I catch myself thinking about this poor Filipino health insurance system. The less fortunate are the big losers. Left alone….what a shame.

This fine young lady works like a horse; trying her best to feed her family..taking care of her ill mother; struggling to survive.

Thats why I am asking you again to consider a donation . Any amount will help to ease the pressure.

look at it; don’t look away, please!

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RSS : a relic from the past

What is RSS ?

An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is an online file that contains details about every piece of content a site has published. Each time a site publishes a new piece of content, details about that content—including the full-text of the content or a summary, publication date, author, link, etc.

Does anyone use RSS by 2021 ?

Yes and no. RSS feeds are certainly still present , but they aren’t as important for some bloggers and website owners as they  once were. Social media took over; platforms  like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others have become the go-to option for following sites, watching feeds, and learning about the latest content.Thats OK, but

IMHO, social media cannot replace RSS ,

because not everything posted on a website has to appear as well on the dedicated (Fan- or Corporate Facebook Page as well) . If you dont want to miss any kind of posts (or any other change on a website), the RSS Feed is your friend 🙂

How to subscribe ?

A feed reader is a great tool, and can be downloaded for free (some offer premium (paid) versions…but the free version is perfectly ok)

Feed Reader are available for Desktop  and mobile gadgets; but you will need the add on or app to display it properly.

The picture shows the upper right corner of my desktop computer with the Google Chrome Add on RSS reader installed. Whenever I visit a previously registered website , I`ll get notfied about new content. Automatically.

RSS Feed on my smartphone ?

Of course ! Even though the RSS technology is 20 years (!) old already , the success story goes on .

Check it out here : 10 best RSS reader for Android ,

Check the Internet for your OS / Browser and install RSS reader today ; and never miss posts from your favorite website again !

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From pillar to post…

From pillar to post…

Healthcare in the Philippines

is a bit complicated IMHO…I mean the system and how it is organised. OK if one has the money  to travel from post to pillar and back…to obtain all the documents needed…or pay somebody to do it for you. We are trying to get support wherever possible, and there is hope .  Aside of the whole hassle . my mom`s health is more or less stable. Thanks God !

Happy Moments :(l.to r.: Felisa, Cathaleah and Ferfel

How can I apply for financial support ?

I mean it`s absolutely understandable that the authorities will not throw the money after us. Thats perfectly ok. (plus..there is not much left to throw anyways right now, since they are still looking for the “vanished” 15 Billion Pesos) .
Requirements ? Mga Kinakailangan: Sino ang sumusuri sa mga awditor? Click To Tweet

Healthcare for the less fortunate in the Philippines ; “mahirap talaga”

It is definetly not easy ! this annoying and nerve wrecking running around , and then…waiting…until maybe something will happen , so God`s will.

There is no easy way out…I pray that things will change here for the better, and that there will be easy access to  comprehensive healthcare services for the less fortunate. Without  this bureaucratic steeplechase…

List of Requirements

These are the required papers (see list) . i am asking how many people are needed to issue all of these documents (many!), and how many possible mistakes could have been made. Once again…i think too much...but one thing is for sure : this could be done in a much more efficient way…it`s 2021  guys !…ever heard of Computer, network, databases, filesharing…? OMG, sometimes…



(orig. FB message by Ferfel sent to the author)

Yesterday  , my step-dad Wilson  went to the Congressman’s office in Tagaytay (33KM distance) along with the others (constituents in needs) , he brought all the necessary documents which we gathered these past few days.  The social welfare interviewed him about our income, family members , etc. He then submitted the said documents  and told that they will call him up once there is a fund for us na po.  He also asked for  a list of requirements for Governor’s help. The attachment is the list which we need to provide for the Governor’s help. (see the list above)

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Dialysis Hospital

Good News for Kidney Patients

but, unfortunately not here in the Philippines . This is what a people concerned governement / healthcare looks like . Amazing , modern and most important : FREE for those who need it badly.

Public healthcare in the Philippines

Public healthcare in the Philippines

Public healthcare …any good ?

This is the right place to express my gratitude to all the doctors and nurses who care about my mom ! And YES, these people are well trained and they are concerned about there patients. As much i know from my relatives abroad, Filipino healthcare personell is highly respected amongst their local  colleagues; in Europe and elsewhere.

Since  my mom is undergoing dialysis treatment   (with all the accompanying measures), I am trying to find out more and learn about PhilHealth…; honestly…I think it`s complicated.  

My mom Felisa Maramara, undergoing dialysis treatment at the hospital

PhilHealth “Your Partner in Health”

as the Logo on their website claims… Let`s keep this straight : i don`t want to condemn anybody, nor any organisation here ! Fact is : If you are the ordinary Joe and you get ill…I mean : seriously ill..then You are going to encounter the same problems as I do at this very moment. I am not talking about access to medical help / hospitals / doctors, because my family lives in greater Metro Manila. I am not talking about the quality of the available services. As mentioned already : nothing wrong with Filipino doctors and nurses (they are spread allover the globe and do a fantastic job!) I am talking about the bills . The bills which I have no idea how to pay ; the bills for the many things not covered by “PhilHealth; my Partner in Health”

3 minutes and 25 seconds of wishful thinking and self praise.What a nerve ! Click To Tweet

3 minutes and 25 seconds of wishful thinking….

Ever felt nausea ,triggered by a videoclip ?

Well, its just a video, diba? And to be honest : this is very professional work. Great graphics, and excellent audio; well made .  Unfortunately, I did not understand the message  …specially the part where you claim to offer “free healthcare for the poorest”. What a farce , what a slap in the face of millions of fellow Filipinos.  And what about your corruption case; where are the 15 Billion Pesos gone ? Hey “Partner” : You are giving me the shivers, dont you know ? 

Hopefully, some day

there will be a healthcare system in the Philippines; a system that deserves the name: Health Care ! For the less fortunate. For ALL the people, no matter rich or poor; the same services ! An organisation who serves the people.

Let us pray for that. 


Operation at PGH Manila

Operation at PGH Manila

Finally, my mom had her AV Fistula Operation at the Philippine General Hospital ; this morning .

A very stressful day is over. Travelling from Cavite to Manila proper  by car is always tyring…Traffic is horrible in the area, and one can spend hours and hours for a relatively short distance.

Do you really think that PhilHealth will pay the 7000 Pesos for this operation ??? Click To Tweet

The staff at PGH works very professional; it all went well, Thanks God ! We have to be patient ; wait until everything is fully healed.

I hope and pray, that life becomes easier for mom as soon this AV access is ready to be used.

AV Fistula

Just like millions of other cases : Philhealth does not shoulder the expenses for this  inevitable medical intervention.

The money raised , YOUR DONATIONS made it possible to pay for it.

Felisa after AV Fistula OP

We would like to express our deep gratitude to all the donors . THANK YOU !  Felisa and family

Take care of your kidneys

Kidneyes are for Life !

Our kidneys are permanently working for our health .  Watch the short video clip and help us to reach a bigger crowd on our journey to #helpfelisa .

Felisa suffers Chronic Kidney Disease ; please support us and share our pages ; THANK YOU !

Blood Transfusion

Blood Transfusion

update Mo, March 1

Here`s my update : They settled the blood transfusion process and apparently , they have to wait for the blood result from her first before the session. Hours past , mama got irritated already because it’s been like 4hrs or so she was still in waiting area. 😓😓😓.. And finally around 12 pm past, she’s in. 😅

THANK YOU, Donors ; YOU made it happen ! Click To Tweet

…more expenses…

I contacted a doctor in Philippine General Hospital (Manila) , I made a schedule for her for an AV Fistula operation. Because the thing on her neck might get infected so as early as possible she needs to transfer it on her arm. Fortunately, her fistula operation schedule is on 9th of March.

I am asking you to support my attempt to help my mother ; Felisa Fuentes Maramara . The easiest way to #helpfelisa is connect with us on social media and like-share- or follow.  Every mention or share is important and might generates some money. And money is needed badly to help my mom. Please help !

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How it started

How it started

My life became very turbulent over the past few weeks

and sometimes I am asking myself how to cope up with all my tasks…Managing my ill mothers needs , my two children…my small drygoods business….My strong will and my faith in God keeps me going. And Thanks to a growing community of Friends who like and share on Facebook and donate . And people buying  my goods ..people I have never met before…just to support me.

Trying to sort out my thoughts…

Sitting at my kitchen table; it`s late already and the kids are sleeping. I can feel this emptyness deep inside, again. Forcing myself to be strong. And keep going.

Asking myself when and how did it all started ?


Felisa Maramara, with my daughter Cathaleah

It was in 2018; Las Pinas City

when my mom first time complained about her swelling feet . A checkup at the doctors office was needed and revealed high blood pressure as well. This high BP (Hypertension) is actually something very common…If it will develop (Hypertension Grade 2) it becomes a dangerous threat.

How didi it all start ?  This is my report (as far as i am recalling it ) . Pls. share / follow our content. We need to reach as many readers as possible. Thank You !


my mom after blood transfusion, march 1

Late 2019

Late 2019 , she was living in Bukidnon, Mindanao. The weather is lower than the usual, so her body reacted to the point that she was always having a cough, a bad one. So she had a checked up , lungs x-ray, saliva test, it was all clear. She had another x-ray , heart enlargement, doctors also did a blood test and took an ultrasound for her kidneys. The doctors found out that the right kidney is smaller and they detected something not normal for the left kidney. They said it was CKD. So the doctor told her to undergo a dialysis. But she feels normal aside from her heart, everytime she coughs, she was having a hard time to breathe.

Consistently in and out of the hospital because of her complications.

Early 2020

Still in and out of the hospital, she felt depressed. She was having a hard time to sleep. they decided to go back to Metro Manila because the dialysis in Bukidnon is more expensive. They traveled by land and ferry from Bukidnon to Cavite. It was not easy for a weak lady to travel 7 days. Her motivation was to see her children and grandchildren. And finally , 24th of May of 2020, they finally reached Cavite. From there , she had a checked up at Ospital ng Imus, did some laboratory test, utrasounds and some stuff. The doctor said it was CKD and DIALYSIS is a must for her condition.

She was told to go to the National Kidney Transplant Hospital,but apparently the said hospital told her to get an appointment first due to the Covid situation .. As days went by, she felt better. She ate some good foods, she had a morning walk, she even went to the Mall sometimes of course with us. Though at night , she would felt a bit weak and wanted to have a massage from her head to her toes. Because of her cramps. We always, always reminded her not to eat and avoid the foods that bad for her condition, sometimes she listens, sometimes she would taste. 😓😓😓

It`s me, Ferfel, withdrawing some donated money; sent by auntie Joy and her friends

December/January 2020/2021

December 30, 2020.. we moved from Imus Cavite to Naic Cavite. January 2021 , the weather is not good to her condition. It was colder here. She was stressed due to weather and the surrounding. She started to get weak , she said her head feels like cracking, cramps here and there.

Weakening as days went by. 😓😓😓

Feb. 16 , 2021 , first time Dialysis

And then February 16, she had her first dialysis. She has been trying to avoid such treatment because from what we learned that the dialysis is a lifetime treatment, not to mention an expensive one.

YOU can make a change : for more Happy Moments in the future !

Rare , happy moments ; pls help us  and donate. ANY amount, big or small is very much appreciated

Once again . PLEASE share our content (website , posts , pages, messages on FB etc. It can make a difference . Thank You !

Your Donation

will be used to pay for medicine and other doctors / hospital related expenses only. Of course there will be a receipt for your payment.


Ferfel Bitualla

A Big Thank You

to all those people who share, like or follow our publications  and / or donate to help our mom . If you wish to help directly or personally kindly contact me here. On behalf of Family and Friends : truly yours, Ferfel Maramara Bitualla.

hashtag helpfelisa

hashtag helpfelisa

The Impact of Social Media

Everybody ( not everybody but almost…) is using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter , Pinterest or some other channel. Some people using more than one.  Very popular these days is Instagram . Simply post a pic, or serach pics and like them 🙂

Using social media for a cause (like we are doing here) is one of the few possibilities to reach many people. (for free or at least for little money.) We need your support; the more visitors the more likely someone will hit that share or like button…..

Let us focus primarily on Facebook ,(but also on Twitter and Instagram)

how a hashtag can affect search results

How does a hashtag affect search results and visibility on the web ?

To be completely honest with you : I dont know. Twitter hashtags do affect search results in a positive way. Even for new accounts like ours. https://twitter.com/FelisaHelp . (see grahpic above). And since helpfelisa is also one of the keyword on our dedicated website, it matters for the sites ranking (Because our “help felisa” is not the only one on the web.)

Facebook has a completitely different policy when it comes to hashtag …. they dont show immediate effect on search results. And experts say, that hashtags on FB post shoulb be avoided (maybe , or maybe not..) As a matter of fact: only the “big ones” know for sure. Google, FB amongst others rule the web , controlling it , making a whole lot of money , and changing algorithm to fit there goals . Conclusion : using your hashtag is ok (most probably). It will definetly affect the associated website in a positive way.  

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