Every Peso Counts !

It`s me again ; Ferfel Maramara, from Naic, Cavite, Philippines .

If this is your first visit on my website let me introduce myself quickly; and let me tell you what is this site all about.

My mother got seriously ill by 2018. By 2020 she got diagnosed severe CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease, associated with Hypertension and Diabetes Type II) .

Since the HealthCare Insurance  cover s only part of the treatment…we are forced to find some other ways to generate money.

I am just a simple person, mother of two , and struggling with my small scale drygood business. As you can imagine…as Illness requires more and more treatment, my problems are growing equally.

Luckily, my friends and family teamed up for this website. Here, and on my social media channels i will let you know more about my mother Felisa.

If you should decide to help us :

ANY amount is highly appreciated; even the smalles one ! We all know how it is in the Philippines…many many people are struggling to survive. THE MORE we are grateful for your kind donations.

HOW to help ?

– the fastest and easiest way is to donate by GCash , or with the PayPal Button below.  Pls. note : You dont have to have your own PayPal account . Visa and Mastercard (debit or credit)  works as well.

– wire directly from bank to bank ? >>>see here   

– contact me by mail or phone >>> contact me

– support / connect on social media  >>>here

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